Under a Desert Sky

And then there were three....

Our brave and foolhardy adventurers decided to descend into the depths of the tunnel that they had discovered in our last session. Oh woe be unto them they would soon find out as foul and rotting things were waiting for them….

Their first encounter had them facing a half-dozen zombies and skeletons each. These were relatively easily dispatched with one or two of them being disposed of by knocking them into a rather large crevice that was handily nearby.

The second and final bout of fisticuffs was a tad more difficult. Our quartet ran into 5 ghouls and their decaying master Vrikus. The battle was a near thing with one of their number falling at the hands of one of the ravenous ghouls. Thankfully our hero was saved by one of his comrades at the last second since he had failed 4 out of 5 death rolls.

What ever could Vrikus have been doing down here? Could he have been asleep and been awoken by something? Who knows….

Last night's synopsis.

There we were. Just minding our own business in the tavern when we were accosted by a Gladiator with a chip on his/its shoulder. He unwisely decided to pick a fight with our resident Goliath and hilarity ensued from there. We promptly trashed him and his pal then left town in a hurry to avoid our elven “friends”. We had to stop to take refuge from yet another infernal “dark and scary” silt storm after which we found one of our crodlus had gone walkabout. We went searching for the infernal beast and finally found it and a spooky cave….


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